Friday, February 15, 2008

Using Core Data in NSArray controllers with a parameterised fetch predicate

Today I was wondering if it was possible to 'restart' the master->detail chain of a set of controls, by using a Core Data query (fetch predicate) in a controller, but parameterising the query with a value obtained from the selection in another, 'upstream' controller.

Normally, master->detail UIs are created by simply binding a selection from a master controller to the contents of a detail controller, and selecting some sub-component of the selection object(s) as the detail Model Key Path.

You can type any valid fetch predicate into the controller's properties panel, but in order to do what I want, you would need to be able to resolve a key from the 'upstream' object. That's the bit I don't think you can straightforwardly achieve (at the moment).

There are certainly a good many ways to actually achieve what I need - including binding the detail content to a custom controller key and having the get accessor for this key derive its results from the upstream selection content (which naturally it would need to observe in order to signal a change on its own key). The thing about how bindings work in general though is that they are so convenient and powerful, often requiring NO code in the application at all, so it's tempting to look if there's some way to contrive to get the required key to test in that filter predicate somehow, without resorting to 'external code'...

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